Special Guided Tour

The Minster in Doberan is the most important medieval building in Mecklenburg-Vorpommern. The furnishings are the most distinguished of all the Cistercian abbeys in Europe. 

Our Special Guided Tours cover numerous characteristics concerning architecture and the history of art.

For special guided tours in English, Swedish, French or Russian please contact us ahead of time to arrange an appointment, preferably by E-Mail.

Entrance Fees
  • 4,00 Euro (Adults)
  • 3,75 Euro (groups with 20 people and more)
  • 3,00 Euro (university students, disabled persons)
  • 2,75 Euro (students)
  • 10,00 Euro (families)

This fee is a special contribution towards the building and restoration works.


appr. 90 minutes, minimum 5 participants


For English language special guided tours please register early - preferably by fax or Email

E-mail: kuester(at)muenstergemeinde-doberan.de

Fax: 0049 (0) 38203-779-589

Tel: 0049 (0) 38203-779-590



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1. Inside tour of the Minster and outside tour of the abbey grounds

Introducing the Minster and its internationally significant furnishings followed by a tour through the abbey grounds and charnel-house.

2. Tour of the bell, tower and vaulted ceilings with view of the Baltic Sea

Rare opportunity to explore a medieval vaulted ceiling 30 m above ground, roof framework, winch and the Minster bell dated from 1301. Access via a spiral staircase of 70 and 50 steps. Reservation recommended.

Tel. +49 (0) 38203-627 16 Max. 30 people / tour

3. The pearl of northern German gothic brick architecture

Inside and outside tours explaining the buildings, history, architecture, building techniques and materials.

4. Tours of the most significant furnishings

Guided tour showing the most important medieval furnishings. Areas that are normally off-limit are accessible; for example the tabernacle and chalice cabinet.

5. The oldest winged altar in art history and other altars

Guided tour with detailed coverage of the creation, significance and content of the altars, including the main altar (around 1300), Corpus Christi Altar, the altar of the crucifixion, cross altar, Mühlenaltar (all dated around 14th and 15th century).

6. The medieval floral depictions in the Minster

Indepth guided tour covering floral depictions, e.g. wine, acorn, mugwort (wormwood), shown in various ornamental decorations, altars, choir stalls and pews, windows and paintings in the Minster.

7. Distinguished examples of gothic wood carving in the Minster

Special guided tour to the numerous original carvings of the 14th century, including altars, choir stalls, candelabra of Mary, tabernacle and the house of sacraments.

8. Burial sites of Dukes and Kings in the Minster

56 members of the House of Mecklenburg are buried in the Minster. Guided tours of the graves, e.g. of Queen Margarete of Denmark (died 1282) and of the Swedish King Albrecht III (died 1412)

9. Life of the Cistercian monks in Doberan

Guided tours detailing the way of life, the daily routine, clothing and food of the monks in the middle ages. In addition, the ancient choir stalls and pews, as well as the astronomic clock will be shown.

10. Stories, tomb inscriptions, legends and interesting tales
11. The story of Christmas as detailed in the pictorial art throughout the Minster



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