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Chronicle - historical dates

1171 Founding of the Cistercian abbey in Althof, near Doberan

1179 Destruction of the abbey during a war for the succession to the throne

1186 Reopening of abbey on the present site

1232 Completion of the Romanesque basilica

1280 Starting the construction of the Gothic Minster

1291 Fire in the abbey

1294 Start of building the Gothic Minster

1296 Completion of main parts of the Gothic Minster

1368 Consecration of the Gothic Minster

1478 Abbey is portrayed as rich and happy

1552 Dissolution of the abbey through the reformation - no destruction of artefacts

1564 Magister Kruse becomes first evangelical pastor in Doberan

1637 Extensive looting during the 30 Year War

1638 Major work done on roof and furnishings of the Minster

1648 Removal of several abbey buildings begins

1793 Doberan becomes the summer residence of the dukes of Mecklenburg

1900 End of neo-Gothic restoration of the Minster

1945 Minster survives war and looting

1984 Completion of general restoration. The Minster was considered the third most valuable national historic treasure in the former GDR.

2002 Start of overall restoration

2012 Sunday services, guided tours and concerts are visited by approximately 200,000 visitors annually.