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Restoration society

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Sanierung des Dachstuhls
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Restaurierung Hochaltar
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Holzschaden im Dachstuhl
Sanierung des Deckengewölbes
Farbfassung nach Grabplattenausbau

The Minster has been a sign of belief and hope for centuries, a meeting place and furthermore a witness to the ingenuity of man. The buildings, furnishings and their continuous preservation are the communal work of generations.

The Minster is an impressive building, but it also shows signs of aging. Some damage is obvious to the visitor at first glance, but a lot of it is not readily visible to the naked eye.

This is mainly true for damage to the windows.
Due to limited support through public subsidies, the Evangelical-Lutheran congregation of Bad Doberan is unable to shoulder the total cost for restoration and maintenance of the Minster.

In order to preserve the Minster for future generations, a tremendous amount of work needs to be done during the next few years. The charnal house, numerous windows, the neo-gothic outside lights, several abbot gravestones, the altar of crucifixion and the wall-paintings in the octagon are some of the most pressing things that need to be restored.

Minster Restoration Society

It is the goal of the Minster Building Society to address these problems. To achieve it's goal, the Minster Building Society hopes to win many new "Friends of the Minster", from both near and far, who want to help to restore and maintain the Minster. You too can help either through active participation or financial support.Our Minster needs many friends!Please join the Minster Building Society!Members have free access to the Minster and enjoy various other benefits such as reduced fees for guided tours, beneficial concerts and are kept up-to-date concerning the latest developments of the on-going restoration process.Membership fee per year:• Adults: 20 Euro • Students: 10 Euro • Pupils: 5 Euro  • Families: 30 Euro  • Companies: 50 Euro  Contact:MünsterbauvereinKlosterstraße 2D-18209 Bad DoberanTel: +49 038203-779 590 Fax: +49 038203-62528