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Fundraising Campaigns

Securing the Hour Bell 2011
Restoration of the Choir`s Vaulted Ceiling 2011
Restoration of Charnel-house 2010
Reinstallation of tombstones 2004
Window Restoration 2004
Scaffolding for Upper Chamber 2004
Transport of Tombstones 2004
Details of Ducal Epitaph 2004
Epitaphs of Ducal Tombstones 2004
Builders` working area in South Nave 2004

The Minster in Doberan underwent general restoration during the 1970s and 80s. After 20 years damage is beginning to show, especially on furnishings and architectural elements, which were not included in the original restoration programme. Among the items to be restored are windows, burial stones damaged by salts and moisture, parts of the choir stalls and pews and the mid13th century charnel- house situated on the former monks' graveyard.


Financing difficulties

The Evangelical-Lutheran community in Bad Doberan is too small to finance a restoration project of the size of the Minster. Collection money and church tax are barely enough to support the local congregation. Income from the sightseeing fees is insufficient to support the restoration and maintenance of the buildings. State subsidies are only available when a substantial part of the budget (40% in 2003) is covered by the Minster's own funds. In Bad Doberan we have started a support organization and are still in a very difficult growing phase. For the city of Bad Doberan it is currently impossible to financially support the restoration projects in any way. In order to proceed with the most necessary restoration work, the amount of 350.000, - Euros is needed annually.


How to Donate

1. You will find a brochure in the Minster describing the "window restoration". Every visitor is encouraged to donate money to support this project. A donation box is located next to the brochures.
2. Donations can also be paid into the following building restoration fund:
Account holder: Evangelisch-Lutherische Kirchgemeinde Doberan

Bank Institute: Evangelische Kreditgenossenschaft

BLZ 52060410, Konto 0505350115,

IBAN: DE38 5206 0410 0505 3501 15, BIC: GENODEF1EK1

If you require a receipt for your donation, add "Spendenbescheinigung" or "Receipt" and write your address on the bank transfer slip.

Thank you for your support!


For further information contact:

Evangelisch-Lutherische Kirchgemeinde am Münster
Martin Heider
Klosterstraße 2
18209 Bad Doberan
Tel.: (+49) 038203 - 779 590




Restoration society


The Minster has been a symbol of belief and hope for centuries, a meeting place and furthermore a witness to the ingenuity of man. The buildings, furnishings and their continuous preservation are the communal work of generations.

The Minster is an impressive building, but is showing signs of deterioration. Some damage is obvious to the visitor at first glance, but a lot of it is not readily visible to the untrained eye.

This is particularly evident in respect to the windows.
Due to limited support through public subsidies, the Evangelical-Lutheran congregation of Bad Doberan is unable to shoulder the total cost for restoration and maintenance of the Minster.

In order to preserve the Minster for future generations, a tremendous amount of work needs to be done during the next few years. The charnel- house, numerous windows, the neo-gothic outside lights, several abbot tombstones, the crucifixion altar and the wall-paintings in the octagon are some of the most pressing things for restoration.



Minster Restoration Society

It is the goal of the Minster Building Society to address these problems. To achieve its goal, the Minster Building Society hopes to win many new "Friends of the Minster", from both near and far, who want to help to restore and maintain the Minster. You too can help either through active participation or financial support. Our Minster needs many friends! Please join the Minster Building Society! Members have free access to the Minster and enjoy various other benefits such as reduced fees for guided tours, benefit concerts and are kept up to date concerning the latest developments of the on-going restoration process.

Membership fee per year:

• Adults: 20 Euro
• Students: 10 Euro
• Pupils: 5 Euro
• Families: 30 Euro
• Companies: 50 Euro

Klosterstraße 2
D-18209 Bad Doberan
Tel: +49 038203-779 590 Fax: +49 038203-62528




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